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C5: Combined mobility of students. Headquarters: Romania

BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

C5 Bucharest and Danube Delta – Romania

One of the objetives of the activity  C5  Visit to Bucharest and Danube Delta – Romania was to show the students the cultural and economic context of the Romanian Region each team made this video to show this ideas.









BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

C5 Meeting Resume In Bucharest


25th – 29th March 2019

We celebrate together

World Money Week

The objectives of this meeting were:

  • Developing the ability to understand financial products, their concepts and associated risks as well as making informed choices;
  • Developing the ability to apply mathematical thinking to everyday situations;
  • Developing students’ entrepreneurial skills;
  • Acquiring Designthinking application skills to identify innovative solutions and helping customers overcome their challenges;
  • Deepening young people’s collaborative techniques in entrepreneurship;
  • Presenting examples of good practice in the field of entrepreneurship in each country;
  • Sharing work methodologies, experiences and ideas;
  • Acquiring analytical techniques from business environment;
  • Improving ICT training and programming;
  • Acquiring information about the European business network;
  • Improving cooperation and friendship between our centers.

We had the pleasure of working together to achieve the goals we had set with:

  • The Financial Supervisory Authority, which aims to ensure the stability, competitiveness and orderly functioning of financial instruments markets, to promote confidence in these markets and to invest in financial instruments and to protect operators and investors against unfair, abusive and fraudulent practices

  • The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the fundamental capital market institution, the most important institution of the local capital market that organizes and manages the regulated markets of financial instruments at European standards;

  • EduFInet from Spain ,  Spanish inniciative for the financial education, with the support of Unicaja Bank .

  • Junior Achievement Romania, part of JA Worldwide®, USA and JA Europe. JA is the largest international organization of economic and entrepreneurial education;

  • Piscu School, Gaspar Association, Baltasar & Melchior;
  • Minodora Cerin, Cristina Irod, consultants for cultural and educational projects.


The diary of the C5 meeting


C5 Our School Bgszc Hungary Presentation

This presetnation was made in the first day of C5 Meeting in the SSCNK  school of Romania

Our school


C5 Good Practices Presentation BGSZC

This Good Practices Presentation BGSZC was made in the C5 Meeting by BGSZC  Team.


good prat


C5 meeting Hungarian team in Romania

Erasmus C5

March 22-29, 2019, as students of the BGSZC Downtown Economics Secondary School. We have the opportunity to take part in an ERASMUS program in Bucharest.

We were informed by our teachers about the program. We have submitted our application form and we have successfully won the application. We made the way by plane.

After our arrival we were greeted by host family. On the first day we presented our school, Budapest and our country. Six countries participated in the program: Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania and Hungary.

Among the participating countries, we had established good friendships with Czech students.

After the presentations, we visited the “BVB Headquarters”, where they gave a lecture on finance, but unfortunately we did not understand it because the presentation was in Romanian. We made financial programs, because in Romania, there was special week, called: “Global Money Week event”.

Late in the afternoon we got a free time, where our fellow students could discover the sights of Bucharest.

On the second day, Workshops were all day, where we were able to express our opinions

on a variety of topics, such as a marketing plan for increasing our money, and then introducing our “Elevator pitch” video about an application. After lunch, we visited the Piscu School, where we got to know Romania’s culture

On the third day we visited the National Village Museum, which introduced contemporary life, folk costumes, customs from the center and was located in the heart of the city.

On the fourth day, we went to a trip to the Danube Delta estuary. We departed from Bucharest, and we arrived at the harbor after a 5-hour journey, where our ship was waiting for us.

The boat trip was very enjoyable and memorable. We arrived tired back to our accommodation in the evening.

On the last day we met students from other countries within an optional program.

In the evening, with our teachers, we went to an elegant restaurant to crown our trip to Romania.

In the restaurant we could taste one of Romania’s traditional dishes, called: mitch.

Summarizing the Erasmus program, it was a very good experience. We took part in a lot of professional presentations and lectures, workshops, that proved to be useful.

The company itself, the mood was fantastic. We were able to practice English well.

We can recommend the program to everybody.






written by: Roland Fehér 13.Log1, Alexandra Vidra 14Pü, Henriett Mócsai 14IT.


C5 Workshop Banking versus non-bank financing (teachers)

On Wednesday, 27.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 12:00-13:00 take place the activity for teachers  Debate: “Banking versus non-bank financing“ (Act of formation for the teaching staff) teachers

Professor Chiac Teodora Valentina showed us some examples of Banking versus non-bank financing in the romanian context.




C5 Workshop: 3D printing and its uses in entrepreneurial activities (teachers)


On Wednesday, 27.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 10:00-11:00 take place the activity for teachers Workshop: 3D printing and its use in  entrepreneurial activities.

Dtse Project has a very techological component and Teachers have to learn how to work these innovative techniques.



10:00-11:00 Workshop: 3D printing and its use in  entrepreneurial activities – Czech  Republic Zdeněk Matúš   (teachers only)


This was a 360 shot of this workshop for teachers


Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


C5 Workshop Business ideas with community benefits. Designthinking Method

On Wednesday, 27.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 11:30-12:00.

Minodora Cerin and Cristina Irod from the Colective Traieste Creativ (http://traiestecreativ.ro/ )   prepared the soccond part of its activity : 

Workshop: Innovative in the social field for a better world. Business ideas with community benefits. Designthinking Method


This activity was part of the A6: Event: DesignThinking.” planned activity

From this lines we would like to thank

for this interesting Workshop.


Students prepared a Prototype and exponed it