Start-up: Intelligent irrigation System


Start-up: Intelligent irrigation System

One of the Objetives of this project was to show the students the importance of social entrepreneurship, to accomplish it students developed a bank of ideas in canvas model, and the best ideas were implemented.

This Intelligent irrigation System  is an startup which aims develop a Solution to prevent fires in the forest.

The process was

1. Selection of the idea by canvas between the bank of ideas
2. Design of the technical solution
3. Implementation of the hardware using arduino in collaboration between the social brach and technical brach classrooms
4 Implementation of the programation using App inventor
5. Presentation of idea by the Students.

Model Canvas:Intelligent irrigation System

One of the students of Each country which goes to C5 Romania must fills its part of this Collaborative canvas about Intelligent irrigation System

You can Download the canvas here :

canvas model-irrigation system





Mobile App design

IT Students developed an Appinventor mobile app to control the machine called Inteligent Watering System

Presentation of the project in C5 Mobility Bucharest

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