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This Corporate social responsibility guide has been made as one of the final products of the Dtse Erasmus Project, which aims to develop the Social entrepreneurial culture among the students using innovative skills like Design Thinking.In our website ,  you will find more information. 

CRS is a important part of the social entrepreneurship and this this guide you will learn a introduction to the european vision of the CRS.


0.- Key ideas of CRS

1.- The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
1.1- Companies in Corporate Social Responsibility.
1.2- Responsibility
1.3- Types of business responsibilities:

2.- The management of people in organizations.
2.1 Challenges in The management of people in organizations.

3.- Novel policies in the management of people.

4.- Internal CSR in response to new internal and external challenges.
4.1. - Priorities for the Human Resources Department
4.2. Challenges for the Human Resources Department
4.3. Demands for the Human Resources Department
4.4. New functions of Human Resources

5. Proccess for the Creation of the CSR

6.-. Positive Consequences of the CSR

7.- Glossary of important terms.

All the images in this CRS Guide has been taken of the pixabay Platform under Pixabay Licence