What's Design thinking?

Design thinking Design thinking refers to creative strategies designers utilize during the process of designing. Design thinking is also an approach that can be used to consider issues, with a means to help resolve these issues, more broadly than within professional design practice and has been applied in business as well as social issues. Design thinking in business uses the designer's sensibility and methods to match people's needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.


this proyect is realated to the improvement of many european schools. dtse

Erasmus+ & Etwinning

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Technology is one of the basis of the project


Entrepreneurship for young people to fight Unemployment

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What's Happening in the Project?

Learn about the latest Activities in the project ¡¡¡

ByAlfonso@Playamar Jun 22, 2018

Economical Trivial Creation

We are already working in the creation of the Economical Trivial which is one of de products of the project. For now the Economical 

ByAlfonso@Playamar Jun 22, 2018

Working in Etweening

We have been working in our Etweening platform with new contents like the online radio with the interviews, a page with each meeting and our vid

ByAlfonso@Playamar May 18, 2018

Fifteen students of the IIS “GA Pichedda” participated in the NHSMUN NEW YORK 2018.

Fifteen students of the IIS “GA Pichedda” participated in the NHSMUN NEW YORK 2018. Project coordinator, Prof. Maria Giuliana Demurtas Eng

ByAlfonso@Playamar May 18, 2018

Fifteen students of the IIS “GA Pichedda” participated in the THIMUN Qatar 2018.

THIMUN QATAR, DOHA, 22-26 JANUARY 2018 Model UN Conference Fifteen students of the IIS “GA Pichedda” participated in the THIMUN Qatar 2018.

ByAlfonso@Playamar May 18, 2018

Families Collaboration in DTSE Project

The past 10th of May, Mr Juan Antonio Garrido Chinchilla, engenier in telecomunications and father of one of our students, was assessoring us to

ByAlfonso@Playamar May 10, 2018

We have our oun Radio Channel

Radio Channel Creation We have started our radio Channel one of the final products of our project with the high quality interviews about Entrep

ByAlfonso@Playamar May 10, 2018

360 Photographs in M2 Hungary

Meeting Room of  M2 Hungary  of BGSZC school  Great job ¡¡ thanks to BGSZC team :) Click in the botton to see more M2 360 photos

ByBGSZC May 8, 2018

Summary of Budapest M2 Meeting (23rd -25th April 2018)

SUMMARY OF BUDAPEST M2 MEETING SUMMARY OF BUDAPEST M2 MEETING (23rd -25th April 2018) The third session within the project  ’Designthink

Byzdenekmatus May 8, 2018

JA company BODOVA

The first JA company in our school It works from September 2017 It is manufacturing company This company produces soaps and  foamin

BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania May 5, 2018

24-26 April 2018- Meeting M2 – Budapest

On April 24-26, 2018, our third meeting took place in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, at the partner school BGSZC Belvárosi Gazdasági Szakgimnázi

ByAlfonso@Playamar Apr 16, 2018

Colaborative Interviews

Hi ¡¡¡ We are almost ready for M2 Meeting in Budapest ¡¡¡ One of the activities that we are going to develop is the creation of a pod

ByBarbara@BHAK-BHAS Mar 21, 2018

21.3.2018 DigBizAward in Graz

Our students oft he 5th form presented their diploma thesis „EDGAR“, a software application for communities to organize their field work.

ByBGSZC Mar 19, 2018

Planning Activity Budapest in April

Hi ¡¡¡¡ We are almost ready for the M2 where we will join in Budapest ¡¡¡ And we are very proud to send you the Activity Planning For B

ByBGSZC Mar 19, 2018


We have developer our career day  where we have assesored our students in entrepreneurshipment and other laboral options.   &nb

ByAlfonso@Playamar Mar 16, 2018

Winner in Spanish Financial Olimpics

Our student Jacob Salama has been the Winner in The Spanish Financial Olimpics organized by the UMA ( University of Malaga).

ByAlfonso@Playamar Mar 16, 2018

3d Printing workshop

Alfonso Lobato and Juan  ,  Technology teachers of ies Playamar, had developed a 3d printing workshop for the DTSE Erasmus  Project Students.