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IES Playamar. Torremolinos . Spain.


Working in Etweening

We have been working in our Etweening platform with new contents like the online radio with the interviews, a page with each meeting and our video portal .

Also our college Luminita from Romanian Team is creating the information about the colaborative activity about the canvas model which we will develop next year.




Families Collaboration in DTSE Project

The past 10th of May, Mr Juan Antonio Garrido Chinchilla, engenier in telecomunications and father of one of our students, was assessoring us to achieve an effective communication and difusion of our project. We will count with his help in the use of last generation tools.

His collaboration will be centred in three lines of work:

  1. Collaborative Multiconference OpenSource (
  2. Software for streaming (OBS Studio)
  3. Implementing BMS. Desconected Internet. Ubiquitous Education.

From this lines we want to thank him for his implication in our project





We have our oun Radio Channel

Radio Channel Creation

We have started our radio Channel one of the final products of our project with the high quality interviews about Entrepreneurship and educational System 

Some moments of the Meeting in Photos :


360 Photographs in M2 Hungary

Meeting Room of  M2 Hungary  of BGSZC school 

Great job ¡¡ thanks to BGSZC team 🙂

Click in the botton to see more M2 360 photos ¡¡¡

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Winner in Spanish Financial Olimpics

Our student Jacob Salama has been the Winner in The Spanish Financial Olimpics organized by the UMA ( University of Malaga).


C1 Canvas Workshop by Cade

On first day of C1  Mobility , we held the Model Creativity Workshop, Canvas, an essential element in both communication and business initiative.

The technicians of “Cade of Benalmadena” and “Andalucia Emprende” have made a very interesting presentation to increase creativity both when writing and create and develop ideas in this great workshop.

We deal with Brain Storming and Model Canvas themes that allow us to expand an idea in an amazing way.

From these lines we want to thank its  visit to our center.


C1 Educational Coaching-personal Dimension of entrepreneurship Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a practical Coaching Workshop in C1 Mobility as a Entrepreneurship and Collaboration tool.

This Workshop was imparted by Mr. Ignacio , Especialist Professor of the IES Playamar.


C1 Etwinning Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a practical Twinspaces Workshop in the Etweening Platform as a Entrepreneurship and collaboration tool.

Here it’s our Twinspaces  channel :



C1 Podcasting Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a a practical Podcasting Workshop in the Spreaker Plataform as a Entrepreneurship tool.

The ponent was Alfonso Ballesteros who has carried out one podcasting program in ies Playamar for many years.

Here it’s the audio that we recorded in this workshop.