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Visit of Czech students and teachers in Budapest

3 teachers and 44 students from the first and the second year from Mendelova secondary school (part economics) visited our Hungarian partners in Budapest as a part of the Social bussiness project and also a school trip From 26. – 27.6

After arrival at Budapest our Hungarian co-workers and students prepared an interesting test on economics, finance and general overview of the Czech Republic and Hungary with programme Kahoot and escape room . There was an escape room too and visiting the Hungarian school including specialised classes. There was visiting of basilica of St. Stephan in the afternoon. Questions about final report of Social bussiness project, options of further cooperation in other projects and financing IT in Hungary and Czech education were discussed at the business dinner.

The second day we visited Buda castle, Fishermen´s Bastion and Matyas temple. After lunch there was an excursion of Parliament with an English guide.



Graz 14th-15th June

Report of Erasmus students on a trip to Graz

Graz excursion , GrazAustria.


Economy Quizlet test

One of the objetives of this project is to create new tools to teach economy. The quiztest is a good tool to test the students concepts and offer many options to prepare this questions like word filling, Pairs selection and true/false questions

Our colleage Ildikó from BGZSC in Budapest has prepared this quizlet which is pretty complete about differents economy concepts which is very interesting and i recomend it to be used.




Last meeting in Weiz, Austria


DTSE’s 2-year-long programme is just about to come to an end. This project is about how young people become entrepreneurs.

Last meeting was taken in Weiz, Austria in May. We worked a lot but the programs were excellent. Beside the official program we visited Chocolate Museum in Riegersburg and the trip to Graz was very good.

All in all, we are satisfied with the program because it offered useful and memorable projects during the 2 years it ran. That’s why it was difficult to say good bye to participants after the farewell dinner last day. We have done a lot of interesting things together. All the countries involved in the Social Entrepreneurship Project attempted to try to find ways of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge gained at schools and practical skills necessary at workplaces, which scenario encouraged the mutually beneficial sharing of good practices among participants.

We involved a lot of students in the programme but unfortunately only a few students travelled to other the countries to visit participants. These visits were very fruitful. Since then, the students keep in touch on FB and WhatsApp.

We organised 2 conferences in Budapest: organisation was a hard job but it was worth the effort professionally. Students and my colleagues were very helpful, enthusiastic and motivated during the conferences programmes.

During the formal and informal programs, we could discuss many professional, cultural and educational issues with the participants.

The objective of this project was to developing students’ recognition of the practical and theoretical aspects of their professional knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and communication.

The future continuation of this project is envisaged.




Today l did it!


AudiCarFactory Visit

AudiCarFactory/ How to make students entrepreneurs

In the Erasmus+program, 15 students participated in the Audi car factory in Győr. (16-17.04.2019), The program took 2 days займ онлайн 1000. The first day we visited the Mobilis exhibition which was very interesting because of 70 mobile interactive games had been tested by students as well as they could be a participant spectacular experiments. These experiments and games are related to the car industry, so we prepared our students for the next day’s program.
The second day we went sightseeing tour in Győr. After lunch, in the afternoon we visited the ‘Audi Hungaria’ factory.
The program was considered to be interesting and useful for our students and, on the basis of the teachers’ opinion, also served their professional development.


Experience Base Learning: Lego MindStorm & Zoo Visit

One of the objetives of the DTSE Project is to develop the Tecnhological skills of our Students  and also to learn about the local cultural context for this reasons we make the  Experience Base Learning Activity  We were a very good professional trip in Nyiregyháza. It took 2 days. Formal and informal programs were very interesting and useful for students who learn logistics and business informatics

The first day we visited Zoo and examed logistics in it. e.g. How do the zookeepers transport the victuals to the animals? How do they travel in the huge territory? e.t.c. How do the workers organise their work? During our trip, we saw a lot of wide animals too. We loved them. After the Zoo, we went to Levelek, where was our accommodation. This is a wonderful municipality near Nyíregyháza.

After an adventurous day, we went to the LEGO factory which was very amazing for us. Everybody was a child. We wanted to play with LEGO. The guide showed us how they made Lego. She talked about the factory’s history. And we saw the production process. At the and of the tour we played a little and everybody got a little pocket Lego. Also we learn about the LEGO Mind Strom

It was a perfect day with nice students.

Here you can see some shots of

Experience Base Learning


C5 Our School Bgszc Hungary Presentation

This presetnation was made in the first day of C5 Meeting in the SSCNK  school of Romania

Our school