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Podcast Interviews about economy and education of each Country.

In the framework of the Dtse project and C2 Meeting in Budapest, we have make these interviews .  Our
partner from each school awnsers these questions

About each country
1. Which are the economic sectors of each country?
2. What are the Most important enterprises of each country?
9. Tell me about a tradition of your country.
10. Typical food of your country’s gastronomy.
11. How could you use the new technologies in your country?

About your project in each school
3. Your school is working in a Dtse project. Explain the value proposal of your project.
4. How do you think is your project innovative from a social point of view?
5. Which do you think are the key factors for the success of your project?
6. What do you think, is there a chance that others may do something similar to your
project? Why?
8. What motivated you to make the Erasmus project?

About your experience in the M2 meeting in Budapest.
7. We are in this wonderful town of Budapest, What do you like most about Budapest?



Italy Team Inteview

Czech Republic Team Inteview

Hungary Team Interview

Austria Team Interview

Romania Team Interview


C2 Transportation of bio vegetables to educational institutions Presentation

Hungary Team  Team  prepared and presented this  Transportation of bio vegetables to educational institutions  Project Presentation in the last C2 Meeting which was held in Budapest

You can download it here.

Hungary – Transportation of bio vegetables to educational institutions



C2 Non-Profit Organizations JA company Presentation

the Czech R. Team  Team  prepared and presented this Non-Profit Organizations JA company Presentation in the last C2 Meeting which was held in Budapest

You can download it here.

Czech R Team Non-Profit Organizations JA company




C2 Social Entrepreneurship Presentation

In the last C2 Meeting which was held in  Budapest, the Austria Team  make this Social Entrepreneurship Presentation.


Austria Social Entrepreneurship



European Financial System Forum in M2 Meeting Budapest

As one of the objetives of our project is the formation of our students and colleages , I’ve proudly organized this Forum in which will take part some expert in this activity the M2 Meeting Budapest

Place BGSZC Business school Budapest.
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018.
Time: 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.





SZÁMALK-Szalézi Highschool and BGSZC organised ERASMUS+INFODay for the schools of Center in Budapest, in May.

Each school showed their project. During the meeting we shared our experiences and gave useful ideas to each other.

We gave presentations of our project  ’Designthinking : Social – Entrepreneurship between European schools’under Erasmus+ programme.

The presentations gave good impulses to further activities to the other schools.


Summary of Budapest M2 Meeting (23rd -25th April 2018)


SUMMARY OF BUDAPEST M2 MEETING (23rd -25th April 2018)

The third session within the project  ’Designthinking : Social – Entrepreneurship between European schools’under Erasmus+ programme took place in our school (BGSZC BGSZ Budapest) at the end of April 2018. During the 3 –day meeting with our colleagues from the six participant countries we continued the real ’designthinking’  which started and proceeded in Spain at the previous two meetings.

In Budapest we discussed the results of the evaluation sheets of the previous activities and meetings basd on questionnaires that were filled in both by teachers and students. The findings helped to work out our improvement proposals for the next stages. Each country came prepared: several ideas and suggestions were shared and discussed related to the content and methods of the future cooperation. Furthermore, the programme of our next C2 meeting,which is due to be held in October 2018, started to outline, many interesting, applicable joint-activities for students were proposed by the participants.

During the meeting we exchangedour business ideasthat we workonwithourstudents in the differentcountries and presentedthose ’bestpractice’ ideaswhichprovedto be useful in preparing ourstudentstomeettherequirements of thejob market.

The presentations gave good impulses to further activities and provided useful background information regarding the existing organizations and events which support coming together of education and business sector (like ECIE).

In order to facilitate our students to collaborate in the mixed-country activities with in the project, we all agreed on the importance of applying widely IT applications, social media and other possibilitiesthat modern technology offersus. As a good sample, the Hungarian students made interviews during the meeting with the teachers through podcast technology.

Beside the strictly professional programms, we, Hungarian hosts intended to show our colleagues some highlights of our beautiful capital, Budapest.

All in all, we consider, theM2 meeting wasverysuccessful in terms of developingour project: summing up the previous events, as wellas gathering, sharing, proposing and plannin guseful and promising ideas.

Some documents developed in the Meeting :

Radio Channel Creation

We have started our radio Channel one of the final products of our project.

Some moments of the Meeting in Photos :

Best practices presentation by BGZSC Team

Storage Good Practices Workshop

Best practices presentation by BGZSC Student

Best practices presentation by BGZSC Team

Exit room Activity by

Austrian Team Presentation

Romaniam Team Presentation

Spanish team Evaluation Presentation

Czech team social media Workshop presentation

Acts Documents Developing


Planning Activity Budapest in April

Hi ¡¡¡¡ We are almost ready for the M2 where we will join in Budapest ¡¡¡

And we are very proud to send you the Activity Planning For Budapest meeting in April.

We are going to work in many activities together in a collaborative way so  it is important that everybody takes to the meeting  some work prepared , it’s explained in the the last page of the pdf document .



See you soon ¡¡¡¡





We have developer our career day  where we have assesored our students in entrepreneurshipment and other laboral options.




Project week


How to make a business plan

Students had a great time during the project week as they could get to know each other through the diversified groupings. During the first day, they had to analyze data concerning the ten-year-existence of the school. On the second day, the day of the anniversary had to be planned including a website and programs for the event. The budget and the advertisement had to be designed as well. The last day, the spokesmen of the teams had to introduce their presentations to the audience: the jury and the schoolmates. Evolving a facade along a business plan proved to be more difficult than it seemed to be at the first glance, but practice makes perfect. The aim of the task was to try themselves in the world of work with being engaged effectively in teams. This close co-operation is an essential skill in the world of business nowadays.