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C5 Our School Bgszc Hungary Presentation

This presetnation was made in the first day of C5 Meeting in the SSCNK  school of Romania

Our school


C5 Good Practices Presentation BGSZC

This Good Practices Presentation BGSZC was made in the C5 Meeting by BGSZC  Team.


good prat


C5 meeting Hungarian team in Romania


Erasmus C5

March 22-29, 2019, as students of the BGSZC Downtown Economics Secondary School. We have the opportunity to take part in an ERASMUS program in Bucharest.

We were informed by our teachers about the program. We have submitted our application form and we have successfully won the application. We made the way by plane.

After our arrival we were greeted by host family. On the first day we presented our school, Budapest and our country. Six countries participated in the program: Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania and Hungary.

Among the participating countries, we had established good friendships with Czech students.

After the presentations, we visited the “BVB Headquarters”, where they gave a lecture on finance, but unfortunately we did not understand it because the presentation was in Romanian. We made financial programs, because in Romania, there was special week, called: “Global Money Week event”.

Late in the afternoon we got a free time, where our fellow students could discover the sights of Bucharest.

On the second day, Workshops were all day, where we were able to express our opinions

on a variety of topics, such as a marketing plan for increasing our money, and then introducing our “Elevator pitch” video about an application. After lunch, we visited the Piscu School, where we got to know Romania’s culture

On the third day we visited the National Village Museum, which introduced contemporary life, folk costumes, customs from the center and was located in the heart of the city.

On the fourth day, we went to a trip to the Danube Delta estuary. We departed from Bucharest, and we arrived at the harbor after a 5-hour journey, where our ship was waiting for us.

The boat trip was very enjoyable and memorable. We arrived tired back to our accommodation in the evening.

On the last day we met students from other countries within an optional program.

In the evening, with our teachers, we went to an elegant restaurant to crown our trip to Romania.

In the restaurant we could taste one of Romania’s traditional dishes, called: mitch.

Summarizing the Erasmus program, it was a very good experience. We took part in a lot of professional presentations and lectures, workshops, that proved to be useful.

The company itself, the mood was fantastic. We were able to practice English well.

We can recommend the program to everybody.





written by: Roland Fehér 13.Log1, Alexandra Vidra 14Pü, Henriett Mócsai 14IT.


Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport

Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport

In February our class had an opportunity to go on a one-day trip. We decided

to visit the Museum of City Public Transport in Szentendre. The aim of museum is to represent the history of public transport in Hungrian cities from the beginning until now.

First we visited the exhibition rooms, where we could see many photos of vehicles and employees of the past, read the story of public transport in different cities, and examine objects such as the old equipments of ticket inspectors, etc.

Next, we entered the reconstructed model of a smithy, where once vehicle repairs had been made.

Then came the best part of the exhibition: the beautifully restored vehicles of the past century.

We really enjoyed getting on them and trying the old seats.

This visit was not only entertaining but beneficial, too, as we learnt a lot about the development of transport logistics.

(Flóra Fekete/ Dóra Gál)



Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport



C3 Bosa : Meeting by Hungarian Team

C3: Meeting in Bosa By Hungarian Team.

The fith session within the project ’Designthinking : Social – Entrepreneurship between European schools’ under Erasmus+ programme took  place in Bosa in November.

In Sardinia, we discussed  the results of the evaluation sheets of the previous activities, C2 Budapest, which was excellent for us. Thanks for Everybody.

The findings helped to work out our improvement proposals for the next stages. Each country came prepared: several ideas and suggestions were shared and discussed related to the content and methods of the future cooperation.

During the meeting we were sightseeing tour in Bosa by boat and we visited the Alghero countryside. Beside the cultural events we participated a seminar. It says about „Social entrepreneurship and multiculturalism. And we heard very interesting presentation about the robotic applied to social entrepreneurship.

All in all, we consider, the C3 meeting was good.

C3Meeting in Bosa






SZÁMALK-Szalézi Highschool and BGSZC organised ERASMUS+INFODay for the schools of Center in Budapest, in May.

Each school showed their project. During the meeting we shared our experiences and gave useful ideas to each other.

We gave presentations of our project  ’Designthinking : Social – Entrepreneurship between European schools’under Erasmus+ programme.

The presentations gave good impulses to further activities to the other schools.