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A27 Publication of Didactic Units and Social Responsivity Manual.


Economical Quiz Activity

We have already finish the Trivial in Spanish and English version of the  Economical Quiz Activity which will be used in the C5 Romania Contest with these Subjets:

Unit 1. The Market And The Company
Unit 2. Mercantile And Fiscal Legislation
Unit 3. Legal Forms Of Companies
Unit 4. The Internal Organization Of Companies
Unit 5. Procurement Area
Unit 6. The Production Area
Unit 7. Commercial Area. Marketing
Unit 8. Human Resources Area

English version of the Quiz  http://dtse.eu/trivial/en/

Spanish version of the Quiz  http://dtse.eu/trivial/es/




C1 Workshop Google drive Educational Uses

09:15  10:15  Workshop ‘Google drive educational uses: elaboration of evaluation questionnaires’
Place: TIC 2 Class
Imparted by: Miguel Lozano

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C1 Logos & Slogan Contest

Those are the Logo & Slogan presented for the Logos & Slogan Contest in C1 for each patner … they were posted in twitter https://twitter.com/DTSE_Erasmus

Each patner has to choose 2 votes for the logo and 2 votes for the slogan and the Logo & Slogan with more votes wins ¡¡¡

and the winner is …. (at the end of the post)

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