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A18 Creating an online radio.


We have our oun Radio Channel

Radio Channel Creation

We have started our radio Channel one of the final products of our project with the high quality interviews about Entrepreneurship and educational System 

Some moments of the Meeting in Photos :


Colaborative Interviews

Hi ¡¡¡

We are almost ready for M2 Meeting in Budapest ¡¡¡

One of the activities that we are going to develop is the creation of a podcast with Interviews to the coordinators done by the Hungarian students through podcast technology.

The results will be  uploaded to the proyect website. Each centre has to take to Budapest the interview which will be sent to coordinators in advance.

The questions will be sent in advance to the coordinators so they can prepare them and you can download them here.

Interviews questions

Interview Form has been elaborated by Spanish and Hungarian students in a collaborative  Activity



C1 Podcasting Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a a practical Podcasting Workshop in the Spreaker Plataform as a Entrepreneurship tool.

The ponent was Alfonso Ballesteros who has carried out one podcasting program in ies Playamar for many years.


Here it’s the audio that we recorded in this workshop.


C1 Web Pages Workshop

C1 Web Pages Workshop

10:15  11:15 C1 Web Pages Workshop

Place: TIC 2 Class
Imparted by: Alfonso Ballesteros

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