A20-A21-A22 Didactic Units

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A20-A21-A22 Creation of Didactic Units on the 3 dimensions of entrepreneurship.


Economical Quiz Activity

We have already finish the Trivial in Spanish and English version of the  Economical Quiz Activity which will be used in the C5 Romania Contest with these Subjets:

Unit 1. The Market And The Company
Unit 2. Mercantile And Fiscal Legislation
Unit 3. Legal Forms Of Companies
Unit 4. The Internal Organization Of Companies
Unit 5. Procurement Area
Unit 6. The Production Area
Unit 7. Commercial Area. Marketing
Unit 8. Human Resources Area

English version of the Quiz  http://dtse.eu/trivial/en/

Spanish version of the Quiz  http://dtse.eu/trivial/es/




C3 Bosa Activites: Workshop Orientations to the Realization of the activities A20, A21 and A22. Didactics Units.

One the objetives of this Project is the Realization of the activities A20, A21 and A22. The Didactics Units. 

This is a dificult task and in this workshop we developed some activities to clarify it.

Using this presentation: