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One of the Most important objetives of the DTSE project is the Dissemination of the Activities carried out in the project. Here you can find some of those Activities.


Experience Base Learning: Lego MindStorm & Zoo Visit

One of the objetives of the DTSE Project is to develop the Tecnhological skills of our Students  and also to learn about the local cultural context for this reasons we make the  Experience Base Learning Activity  We were a very good professional trip in Nyiregyháza. It took 2 days. Formal and informal programs were very interesting and useful for students who learn logistics and business informatics.

The first day we visited Zoo and examed logistics in it. e.g. How do the zookeepers transport the victuals to the animals? How do they travel in the huge territory? e.t.c. How do the workers organise their work? During our trip, we saw a lot of wide animals too. We loved them. After the Zoo, we went to Levelek, where was our accommodation. This is a wonderful municipality near Nyíregyháza.

After an adventurous day, we went to the LEGO factory which was very amazing for us. Everybody was a child. We wanted to play with LEGO. The guide showed us how they made Lego. She talked about the factory’s history. And we saw the production process. At the and of the tour we played a little and everybody got a little pocket Lego. Also we learn about the LEGO Mind Strom

It was a perfect day with nice students.

Here you can see some shots of

Experience Base Learning

BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

National Contest Of Final Products “Made For Europe”, 18-21 April 2019, Cluj, Romania


In April 18-21, 2019   The “MADE FOR EUROPE” National Product Contest takes place in Cluj, ROMANIA

We had the chance to participate in this activity  with a stand and printed magazines and online magazines about the activities that we have developed in the DTSE Erasmus Project.


The magazine for students participating in the SSCNK project :
” Antreprenori de ieri si de azi”


Bilingual magazines for all project partners:



BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

C5 Bucharest and Danube Delta – Romania

One of the objetives of the activity  C5  Visit to Bucharest and Danube Delta – Romania was to show the students the cultural and economic context of the Romanian Region each team made this video to show this ideas.









BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

Regional Symposium in SSCNK Bucharest April 11, 2019

One of the most important Objetives of the DTSE Proyect is to create an effective dissemination of the activities.  To archieve this goal SSCNK School Preprared the Regional Symposium.

“The Future Started yesterday”

Tradition and Innovation in Education

At the SSCNK Symposium in Bucharest, the DTSE project was present at both the Teachers section and the students’ section to the regional autorities and educative centers.


BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

C5 Meeting Resume In Bucharest

25th – 29th March 2019

We celebrate together

World Money Week

The objectives of this meeting were:

  • Developing the ability to understand financial products, their concepts and associated risks as well as making informed choices;
  • Developing the ability to apply mathematical thinking to everyday situations;
  • Developing students’ entrepreneurial skills;
  • Acquiring Designthinking application skills to identify innovative solutions and helping customers overcome their challenges;
  • Deepening young people’s collaborative techniques in entrepreneurship;
  • Presenting examples of good practice in the field of entrepreneurship in each country;
  • Sharing work methodologies, experiences and ideas;
  • Acquiring analytical techniques from business environment;
  • Improving ICT training and programming;
  • Acquiring information about the European business network;
  • Improving cooperation and friendship between our centers.

We had the pleasure of working together to achieve the goals we had set with:

  • The Financial Supervisory Authority, which aims to ensure the stability, competitiveness and orderly functioning of financial instruments markets, to promote confidence in these markets and to invest in financial instruments and to protect operators and investors against unfair, abusive and fraudulent practices



  • The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the fundamental capital market institution, the most important institution of the local capital market that organizes and manages the regulated markets of financial instruments at European standards;


  • EduFInet, Spain;
  • Junior Achievement Romania, part of JA Worldwide®, USA and JA Europe. JA is the largest international organization of economic and entrepreneurial education;
  • Piscu School, Gaspar Association, Baltasar & Melchior;
  • Minodora Cerin, Cristina Irod, consultants for cultural and educational projects.


The diary of the C5 meeting


C5 Good Practices Presentation BGSZC

This Good Practices Presentation BGSZC was made in the C5 Meeting by BGSZC  Team.


good prat


C5 Activity Debate: Crowdfunding as a source of funding.

On Tuesday, 26.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 10:30-11:00 , we recived a very interesting conference of The Financial Supervisory Authority “Crowdfunding as a source of funding” and its possibilities in Romania.



This activity was made as a part of the Planned Activity : A16: Workshop: “Crowdfunding as a source of funding“

From this lines we would like to thank Paul Dumitru  from the (ASF) Financial Supervisory Authority for this interesting Conference.


C5 Activity Debate: “Banking activities – Foreign trade operations and international financing”

On Tuesday, 26.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 10:00 to 10:30 , we recibed a very complete and practical conference via video conferences with the technical aid of ECIE and in collaboration with Edifinet Team.

This Activity was part of the A15: Debate: “Banking versus non-bank financing“Activity

This video conference about “ Debate: Banking activities – Foreign trade operations and international financingwas imparted by Beatriz Celestino, Degree in Economy by University of Málaga, MBA Esesa Business School. Teacher at the University of Malaga, and ESIC ESESA and EOI, International Business Adviser at Unicaja International Department

In this conference we learn very interesting information about how are made the Foreign trade operations and international financing.

From this lines we would like to thank Prof Beatriz Celestino for this interesting Conference.


C5 Activity Debate: “ Banking versus non-bank financing” Video Conference

On Tuesday, 26.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 10:00 to 10:30 , we recibed a very interesting conference via videoconferences with the technical aid of ECIE and in colaboration with Edifinet Team.

This videoconference about “ Banking versus non-bank financing” was imparted by José María López Jiménez

This Activity was part of  A15: Debate: “Banking versus non-bank financing“ Planned Debate. 

He shared with DTSE Students and Teachers, it’s experience in Banking versus non-bank financing estrategies.

José María López Jiménez in a very important economist in Spain. Doctor and Graduate  in Law from the University of Malaga.  Diploma in Political Science and Sociology by the UNED (Political Science Section).

Director of social corporative responsibility department in Unicaja Banco, is  and author of several books,articles and chapters in collective works on aspects of the  related to the financial system, such as the  means of payment, fraud with cards, the  preferential shares, the floor clause or the corporate governance of banking entities, between  other matters.

He is a member of the Council of  Administration of Economic Analysts of  Andalusia, and is part of the work team of the  financial education project “Edufinet”.

From this lines we would like to thank Prof José María López Jiménez for this interesting Conference.


C5 Activity Debate: “Educational Financial Activities in Spain. Case of success: EduFInet ”

On Tuesday, 26.03 2019, Second day of C5 Meeting from 9:30-10:00 , we have several videoconferences with the technical aid of ECIE and in colaboration with Edifinet Team.

This videoconference about “ Educational Financial Activities in Spain. Case of success: EduFInet ” was imparted by José Manuel Domínguez Martínez.

PhD José Manuel Domínguez Martinez in one of the most preminent econmist in Andalucia and Professor of Public Finances of the University of Malaga.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Organization of Economists of Education, Member of the Commission on Teaching Innovation at the Andalusian University and Member of the Administrative Board of the School Superior of Studies of business (ESESA) and President of the   International Financial Analysts  organisation (AFI).

He has already support our project as Director of the financial education project “Edufinet” .

He is also General Director of the General Technical Secretariat of Unicaja Bank  and President of Analysts of Andalusia.

Author of several books and  numerous articles on various aspects of the economy of the public sector and of the financial system.

From this lines we would like to thank PhD José Manuel Domínguez for this interesting Conference.