Budapest April 2018


Budapest April 2018

On 23-27 April 2018, a meeting of 20 teachers from 6 European countries took place in Budapest as a part of the ERASMUS K219 project entitled Social Entrepreneurship among European Schools. The host school was BGSZC Hight School Budapest. It is a modern school almost in the city center. It is a higher-level vocational school focusing on the economy that educates students over the age of 18. The main coordinator of the project is the Spanish school. The presented were, of course, the Hungarian team, there were teachers from Romania, Italy, Austria and from the Czech Republic there were 2 representatives from our school. In the prepared workshops, teachers exchanged experience with teaching of economic subjects, incorporating ICT into teaching, and its interconnectedness with practice. Everything was accompanied by illustrative presentations. We were shown expert classrooms. BGSZC students also joined the project. They were interested, for example, in the educational systems of the individual countries, and conducted an interview with individual teachers. The meeting took place in a very pleasant and stimulating atmosphere, underlined by the beauties of the beautiful city on the Danube. We believe that our students who will be attending this school will have similar experiences at the end of October.

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