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Marketing plan

The company’s competitive edge will be the lower prices we will charge our customers and the large selection we can offer through excellent supplier contacts. In order to capture attention and sales we will use prominent signs at the store location in vivid colours, newspaper and online ads to capture customers.  We will arrange book fairs in schools and colleges and also special afternoon activities for our readers. They will be able to meet writers or famous people from the media.

Client referral: by providing outstanding customer attention, current customers are more likely to become  long-term customers and are more likely to refer their friends.

Targeted customer acquisition: the first step of this process is to target who the ideal customer is and determine how READYOU can offer them value.

Sales strategy

We will have an attractive storefront in vivid colours with our low prices and excellent selection of books and music. We will offer top customer service and reliability andwe will make sure that our store has enough inventory of all products.