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1.6. Anyone can start a business!

Of course this is an affirmation that sounds good and can give hope to many people who want to start a business. 

Unfortunately, an entrepreneur can really become anyone in the sense of setting up a company, because you do not need a degree, an exam or a special school to set up a company, theoretically anyone can do it. But from here and up to a successful business, there is a very long distance and an order of magnitude difference between those who start and those who are really successful.


I have seen too many entrepreneurs who have perhaps given up valuable jobs, mortgaged the house and other property of the family, made many other sacrifices to start a business and failed because they did not meet all the necessary elements to build a successful business.


So my advice is that as tempting as it may seem some business ideas, do not start a business if you do not think that you meet the necessary qualities and attributes.