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4. The company

Whenever you apply for a job find out as much as possible about the company.
The best resource is – of course – the internet
Things you should know before applying
  • “Firm” is the exact name of the company and usually includes the legal form.

  • “Legal form” is different in different countries, but normally there are three groups:
    • Sole proprietorship is a company with one owner –  most of the small companies are one-man/woman businesses
    • Private partnerships are companies with more than one owner,but all partners have got the same rights, the same responsibility and the same liability for debts
    • Corporations / limited corporations are companies with more than one owner,  but the main duty of the owners is raising and providing capital (money).
  • Address . You should know the address of the company,  but it can be helpful to know, where they have branches, if they are working international,  if there is a special headquarter.

You should inform youself about some other questions, too!

  • What products are sold?
    Have a look to the online-shop, the list of services, the assortment. Try to find out the origin of the goods, especially when they trade mainly local and regional products.
  • Who are the responsible persons?
    It could be an advantage if you know the name of the owner / owners, the name of the personal manager who is in charge for application etc.

  • What’s about the social responsibility?
    Companies are proud of their social attitude, this includes donation to social institutions but also sponsoring of sports clubs.

Exercise ¡

Find a company in your hometown. Do an internet research and answer all the questions above