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BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

Romanian experience DTSE Erasmus+

What did I expect from this Erasmus project ?

65% of children going to school today will have jobs that do not yet exist – is the verdict of the “Future of Jobs” report presented at the Davos World Economic Forum in 2016. That is why I believe new solutions need to be identified to speed up adapting the educational process to the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Considering the above, I expected the Erasmus Project to promote educational alternatives and the use of interactive group methods to develop active learning.


How has the mind and students life changed as a result of this project?

Through this project, we have promoted learning based on issues connected with everyday life, using new technologies, and providing students with learning, working and cooperation opportunities in multinational teams.

Teachers and students have exchanged good practices at European level, have acquired new knowledge and skills, exchange of ideas, transfer of creative practices.

The project has led to the development of other relevant skills for students and teachers, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, flexibility, and social initiative development.

We have shared together new experiences of learning, intercultural communication, we have discovered new ways of motivating learning.

In other words this project brought, as its slogan said it, innovation in thinking and, as a consequence, changes in life.

Thank you for this successful collaboration ! 

I hope to see you in a new project !

Luminita Moise

Şcoala Superioară Comercială “Nicolae Kretzulescu”, Bucharest, Romania


Czech Students experience DTSE Erasmus+

Czech Students experience in DTSE Erasmus+ Project


Graz 14th-15th June

Report of Erasmus students on a trip to Graz

Graz excursion , GrazAustria.



Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+

Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+ Project Alin S. M.

Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+ Project Cristina M.D.

Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+ Project Vlad B.

Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+ Project Henri V. D.H.

Romanian Students experience DTSE Erasmus+ Project Alex M.


Industrial Machinery Start-up


Industrial Machinery Start-up


DTSE Magazines

We have recopilated most of the information generated in the DTSE Project in this web and in several Magazines which shows the most important aspects of the Project

01 Workshops in the DTSE Project Magazine

02 Awards in the DTSE Project Magazine

03 Congress organized by the DTSE Project Magazine

04 “Expositions and fairs where have participated the DTSE Project” Magazine

05 Conferences organized by the DTSE Project Magazine

06 “Partners who have collaborated with the DTSE Project” Magazine



DTSE in Mass Media

One of the more important archivements in the DTSE Project have been the newspapers reviews.

Thanks to the importance of ours partners and the good work of DTSE Team , more than 120 references in national/ international press have been released.

C1 Mobility in Mass Media

Interviews on Torremolinos tv

Bucharest Meeting and visit to the romanian stock exchange in the mass media


Ecie (DTSE) and Edufinet Signs an Collaboration Agreement

Ecie (DTSE) and Edufinet Signs an Collaboration Agreement

In written Press

Impact  of  Edufinet Congress in the Mass media

This congress had a very important impact in internacional especialized Mass Media and regional newspapers like we can see in this links

10 de noviembre de 2018

12 de  noviembre de 2018

19 de noviembre de 2018

20 de  noviembre de 2018

21 de noviembre de 2018

22 de noviembre de 2018

23 de noviembre de 2018

30 de noviembre de 2018

1 de diciembre de 2018


C2 Budapest: Congress in Mass Media

20 International References to C2 Budapest Congress in Mass Media




More than 100.000 interactions *

We are happy to notify that we have reached more than 100.000 interactions with our project  ¡¡¡¡

Mass Media: 120 articles in national International reviews. ¿number of Interactions?

Twitter: Counting only the Twitter notifications with a TwitterReduccion 2%  (the twitter algorithm usually only lets you reach the 2% of your followers)

4500 users x 300 post  x TwitterReduccion (2%)  = 27000 twitter interactions web stats = 75000 visits.

07 Stats dtse

= More than 100.000 interactions * 🙂

It’s very posible that they will be by far more because the interations in the

  • Mass Media
  • Etwinning channel
  • Soundcloud channel
  • Youtube channel
  • and others

Congratulations DTSE Team ¡¡¡


Our Partners

Many Organizations have collaborated with Us.


Video Spanish Students Erasmus Experience

Our students have prepared a Video presentation of what has mean this project for them.