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C5 Activity Students Discover Bucharest

On Monday, 25.03 2019, first day of C5 Meeting from 15:00-19:00. Host students prepared for the students an activity to Discover Bucharest .

This activity was useful to show the town to the students and to prepare the Promotional video for the Friday Activity.

Promotional videos  Made in this activity can be checked  Here :




Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport

Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport

In February our class had an opportunity to go on a one-day trip. We decided

to visit the Museum of City Public Transport in Szentendre. The aim of museum is to represent the history of public transport in Hungrian cities from the beginning until now.

First we visited the exhibition rooms, where we could see many photos of vehicles and employees of the past, read the story of public transport in different cities, and examine objects such as the old equipments of ticket inspectors, etc.

Next, we entered the reconstructed model of a smithy, where once vehicle repairs had been made.

Then came the best part of the exhibition: the beautifully restored vehicles of the past century.

We really enjoyed getting on them and trying the old seats.

This visit was not only entertaining but beneficial, too, as we learnt a lot about the development of transport logistics.

(Flóra Fekete/ Dóra Gál)



Visit to the Museum of City Public Transport



C4 Visit of Cotroceni National Museum

C4 Visit of Cotroceni National Museum ROMANIA

Romanian Team prepared this very special visit to the Cotroceni National Museum to learn the historic context of the town of bucharest..

This old palace is very difficult to visit because is the official Home of Romania President.

We learn a lot of about the Romanian History,


Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



C3 Bosa Activites: Local sustainable tourism Example: Mondello, Tinnura & Paleolithical Buildings

Among the activities that can be promoted as social entrepreneurship we can highlight those that are in line with the development of local sustainable tourism. In Bosa and its sourrsondings we can find some of these examples, such as the development of the Mondello and Tinnura villages or the improvement of tourism nuraghes.
On the afternoon of Wednesday, we received a guided tour to learn about all these initiatives and visited:

  • Mondello
  • Tinnura , the village of art. 
  • The Nuraghe of
  • The Paleolithical Domus the Janas
  • Bosa Marina


Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Domus de Janas





Activity #YOUNGBUSINESSSCHOOL goes Primary School Peesen

On 27.2. 2108  A group of students oft he 5th form created a lesson for children

  • how to avoid and separate waste
  • how their contractor, the company Müllex-Säuberungs GmbH works.

This interesting activity was made in collaboration of the DTSE Erasmus project.


Erasmus Project DTSE in “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine.

One of our C1 activities in Spain, the Educational Financial workshop made by Unicaja educational service has been remarked in the Economy magazine “ECONOMíA DE HOY -. ”

Unicaja promueve la educación financiera entre estudiantes de seis países europeos | Formación | ECONOMíA DE HOY –

We would like to thanks “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine  for its attention.



C1 DTSE Activity in “La Opinion de Malaga” Newspaper.

La Opinion de Malaga is one of the most important newspaper in Malaga and Andalucia Region. They have commented the importance of our project and the activities developed.

Estudiantes de seis países reciben formación financiera con Edufinet

We would like to thanks “La Opinion de Malaga” Newspaper  for its attention.



DTSE in “El Economista” Newspaper.


DTSE in “El Economista” Newspaper.

One of our C1 activities in Spain, the Educational Financial workshop made by Unicaja educational service has been remarked in the diary section of the Economy newspaper “El Economista. ” El Ecodiario.

Unicaja.- Estudiantes europeos asisten en Málaga a una jornada de educación financiera impulsada por Unicaja –

We would like to thanks “El Economista” Newspaper  for its attention.



C1 Cultural Visit to Commercial Area Muelle 1 in Malaga

After the visit to Pompidou Museum,  we visit one of the most commercial areas of Malaga, a place full of opportunities for entrepreneurshipment, and a suscesfull case of recovering an unused area, the Marina of Muelle 1 where Teachers and students Erasmus enjoyed the sunset.


C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise

C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise in the PTA made by the Erasmus students and teachers

We recibed a conference about the Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) and  the development of this Engeniering entreprise as a susccesfull Entrepreneurship Case. Presentation by Carlos Bentabol. Marketing Manager.

From this lines we’d  like to thanks the entreprise and  Carlos for  this activity and the lauch in the rooftop.

Panoramic View of the PTA from the Ingenia rooftop.