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C3 Bosa Activites: Visit to Bosa Townhall

One the objetives of this project are the dissemintation of the initiatives and the colaboration with external agents.

In this line The italian team prepared a Visit to Townhall of Bosa and reception with the Mayor, where we recibed information about the historical touristic innovation iniciatives like the highlighting the importance of the Nuraghes, Domus de janos and castle ruins and the historical background of Bosa.

360 photo of this meeting:

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


C3 Bosa Activites: Malaspina Castle Visit

One intesresting cultural activities that our colleagues from the Italian Team have prepared for us was the  Guided Visit to Castle of Serravalle,  the Medieval castle of the Malaspina family

A very interesting travel to the medieval time with incredible views

Some 360º photos from this visit

  From the tower

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

  From the main access

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


C3 Bosa Activites: Presentation of ECIE

One of the activities which was developed in this meeting was the preparations for the development of the sustainability of the project in the time : Presentation of ECIE European Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Non-Profit Organization

You can download the pdf presentation from here : ECIE.pdf



BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

Dissemination activities in C2 mobility

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the SSCNK Bucharest students’ team who participated in the C2 mobility in Budapest  presented to their colleagues and teachers the activities on the project on this occasion.



How the students see the meeting in Budapešt

In October we had an opportunity to spend a week in Budapest. From our school we went four students and three teachers. First of all we checked in to the school resident or guest family and met other participants of project. During the week everybody had to show their presentations about their country, school and project about social entrepreneurship. We visited Buda Castle, Graphisoft and Balaton. While we were getting to know Budapest we saw some interesting places, had a tour in Parliament and had a boat ride on the Danube. With help of Hungarian students, we saw the Heroes’ Square and a beautiful park. We attended Escape room and we were also walking through the centre of Budapest at night. Our trip ended with visit to company called Prezi. The whole week was unforgettable; we had fun and found new friends.


Planning Activity C3 Bosa Italy

Here you can download the Activity Planning  for the meeting C3 in Bosa Italy



Inteligent Irrigation by Arduino Project Presentation

In last C3 Meeting in Budapest, Our Student Jasmin T. has presented this Conference about the importance of sustenibilty of the resources like water in a presentation titled: “WATER, A SCARCE GOOD” and the Arduino project which will be developed for inteligent irrigation.

You can see it here: Presentation



#ErasmusDays – the presentation of our project to the public and schools in Novy Jicin

On October 12, 2018, a unique ErasmusDays event took place in Nový Jičín Square. This event, full of fun, games and competitions, was organized on Friday, October 12, 2018 by teachers and students of Mendel High School on the occasion of a European-wide #ErasmusDays campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to promote the international Erasmus + educational projects that our school has been proud to implement since the beginnings of 2014.

Adventure with Erasmus, as we called the whole event, offered elementary school pupils and the general public the opportunity to get information about all of our international activities, including information about our DesignThinking project: Social Entrepreneurship between European Schools. The main project information (goals, resources, seminars, participating schools …) and photographs from meetings already held were published here. As pupils of the 9th grade classes in Nový Jičín and the surrounding area visited us during the day, we prepared interesting competitions and games on financial literacy – we for example compared the average gross wage with lunch costs in the country’s restaurant and wage transfer using the exchange course. Most of the pupils liked  the task in which they had to recognize the mother tongues of participants of the project e.g. Romanian, Hungarian or Spanish.



Podcast Interviews about economy and education of each Country.

In the framework of the Dtse project and C2 Meeting in Budapest, we have make these interviews .  Our
partner from each school awnsers these questions

About each country
1. Which are the economic sectors of each country?
2. What are the Most important enterprises of each country?
9. Tell me about a tradition of your country.
10. Typical food of your country’s gastronomy.
11. How could you use the new technologies in your country?

About your project in each school
3. Your school is working in a Dtse project. Explain the value proposal of your project.
4. How do you think is your project innovative from a social point of view?
5. Which do you think are the key factors for the success of your project?
6. What do you think, is there a chance that others may do something similar to your
project? Why?
8. What motivated you to make the Erasmus project?

About your experience in the M2 meeting in Budapest.
7. We are in this wonderful town of Budapest, What do you like most about Budapest?



Italy Team Inteview

Czech Republic Team Inteview

Hungary Team Interview

Austria Team Interview

Romania Team Interview


C2 Business Canvas Presentation

Romanian Team  prepared and presented the Business CanvasPresentation in the last C2 Meeting which was held in Budapest

You can download it here.