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Conferences in DTSE Project

We have participated and developed many interesting formation Conferences for the students and teachers in the mobilities of the development of the activities of the Dtse project.

We have count with the collaboration of with many partners who have showed the students differents facets of the Entrepreneur shipment.

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Conferences in DTSE Project

1. C5 Activity Debate: Crowdfunding as a source of funding.
2. C5 Activity Debate: “Banking activities – Foreign trade operations and international financing”
3. C5 Activity Debate: “ Banking versus non-bank financing” Video Conference
4. C5 Activity Debate: “Educational Financial Activities in Spain. Case of success: EduFInet ”
5. C5 Activity Conference Basics of Economy: Visiting the BNR Museum (National Bank of Romania )
6. C5 Activity Conferecence and Visit to the Bucharest Stock Exchange BVB and ASF
7. C4 Conference: Examples of good practice in social entrepreneurship. Inet Network
8. C4 Conference Visit to the Financial Supervisory Authority
9. C4 A13: Debate: “Connection between competencies in schools and the world of work”.
10. C4 A13: Debate: Ecolonology: “Connection between competencies in schools and the world of work”.
11. C4 Conference and Visit: Examples of mountain Ecotourism. Peles and Bran
12. International Congress of Financial Education Realities and Challenges
13. C3 Bosa Activites: Conference and Visit to Bosa Townhall
14. C3 Bosa Activites: Malaspina Castle Visit
15. C3 Bosa Activites: Presentation of ECIE
16. C2 Budapest: Students Conference about C2 Mobility
17. C2 Budapest: Conference Opencoesione Startup Project
19. C2 Conference-Collaboration with Italian Data Protection Authority 16
20. Activity Career Orientation Day
21. National Competition “Final Products of The Projects Financed by European Programs”
22. C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise in the PTA made by the Erasmus students and teachers

Here you can see all this conferences Explained



SZÁMALK-Szalézi Highschool and BGSZC organised ERASMUS+INFODay for the schools of Center in Budapest, in May.

Each school showed their project. During the meeting we shared our experiences and gave useful ideas to each other.

We gave presentations of our project  ’Designthinking : Social – Entrepreneurship between European schools’under Erasmus+ programme.

The presentations gave good impulses to further activities to the other schools.


Activity on “The EU new Privacy Regulation”

Conference-Collaboration with Italian Data Protection Authority

As a part of DTSE project,  Students will recibe formation about the important subjets in entrepreneurship, and one of the most worries for companies are “the Data Protections Laws”

On 19thMay, 60 students take part in a conference on “The EU new Privacy Regulation”, organized by the President of Rotary Club, Prof. Emma Cucca, in collaboration with the Italian Data Protection Authority  and his President Mr. Antonello Soro.

The Italian Data Protection Authority is an independent authority, set up to protect fundamental rights and freedoms in connection with the processing of personal data, and to ensure respect for individuals’ dignity.

The Authority has been active from its inception (in 1997) in the social, economic, political, and cultural life of our Country. Special importance should be attached to the provisions made in respect of health care, employment, banking, insurance, journalism, telecommunications, video surveillance, marketing, and public administrative agencies.

The new Privacy Regulation will be operational as of May 25, 2018.

With the new regulation will change the rules for those who are to handle personal data: for example, telephone companies, public administrations and any company with which the user will be to sign a contract containing his personal data.

The new Privacy Regulation will impose stringent obligations and will introduce new responsibilities aimed at ensuring greater security measures to protect personal data.

The regulation introduces clearer rules on disclosure and consent, defines the limits to automated processing of personal data, and also establishes strict criteria (and sanctions) in cases of personal data breaches.

The Regulation will replace the Privacy Code currently in force in Italy, recognizing important and broad rights to citizens and imposing a strong responsibility on companies and the Public Administration. It will introduce legislation on uniform and valid privacy across Europe addressing innovative topics (such as, for example, the right to be forgotten). In this regard, not all have yet understood the scope of the new discipline and, therefore, the adjustment processes are slow and sometimes perceived as mere bureaucratic aggravations. We therefore try to understand the most important changes that will be introduced by the new Regulation and therefore what will change in May 2018 in terms of privacy. Index

1 Privacy: the new legislation

2 Privacy: data expiring

3 Privacy: the purposes of the new legislation

4 Privacy: how is it protected?

5 Privacy: who is responsible for the protection of personal data?

6 Privacy: what is the right to be forgotten?

7 Privacy and new sanctions

BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

National Competition “Final Products of The Projects Financed by European Programs”

In March 27, 2018,  The Romanian team participated at the municipal stage of the National Competition of the final products of the projects financed by European programs “MADE FOR EUROPE”.

We prepared an exposition of the startups that are being developed in the DTSE project and The students presented our project and, although we are at the beginning of the project, the presentation was appreciated by the jury and participants at the event.



Activity Career Orientation Day

In the context of DTSE Project, BGSZC School prepared the conference – Exposition “CAREER ORIENTATION DAY” for their students.

We have developer our career day  where we have assesored our students in entrepreneurshipment and other laboral options.




C1 Spain: Regional Conference By Unicaja Educational Center Edufinext

On 24/01/18 m Unicaja Educational Center Edufinext and DTSE Project Organized a Conference about financial education in Málaga.

Local Authorities, Students and Teachers of Erasmus Project assisted to this interesting Conference in the Unicaja Educational Center made by the Edufinext Team.

From this lines we’d like to thanks the Edufinext team and Unicaja suport for this enriching activity.

To make avaliable this conference to the other students it was distributed to the other schools by Skype.

We take this beautiful  Panoramic View of  the Erasmus team and conference center.

Visit to the #Unicaja Educational Center Edufinext in #Malaga #Erasmus #DTSE Project.


C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise

C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise in the PTA made by the Erasmus students and teachers

We recibed a conference about the Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) and  the development of this Engeniering entreprise as a susccesfull Entrepreneurship Case. Presentation by Carlos Bentabol. Marketing Manager.

From this lines we’d  like to thanks the entreprise and  Carlos for  this activity and the lauch in the rooftop.

Panoramic View of the PTA from the Ingenia rooftop.


C1: Cultural visit and Conference in Granada

On Tuesday, 23.01.18 , from 06:40 to 20:00   in C1 Mobility with students in Spain, We make a cultural visit to Granada.

In this Trip, we learned how patrimonial and heritage safeguarding can be used to make social entrepreneuship like happens with the NGO that made us the visit to this monuments.

We Make the following activities

09:30 Social Entrepreurship in the Alhambra of Granada : Case of success of Alhambra Educa Ngo

10:30 Guided Visit to the Alhambra and Nazaries Palaces: 

12:30 Guided Visit to “Parque de las Ciencias” : Natural enviroment Exposition, human Body Exposition, Robots Exposition,  Planetarium, access to telescope &  Eagles and owls training show.

19:00 Visit to “Mirador de San Nicolás” Sunset (favorite view of Granada)