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Erasmus Project DTSE in “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine.

One of our C1 activities in Spain, the Educational Financial workshop made by Unicaja educational service has been remarked in the Economy magazine “ECONOMíA DE HOY -. ”

Unicaja promueve la educación financiera entre estudiantes de seis países europeos | Formación | ECONOMíA DE HOY –

We would like to thanks “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine  for its attention.



C1 DTSE Activity in “La Opinion de Malaga” Newspaper.

La Opinion de Malaga is one of the most important newspaper in Malaga and Andalucia Region. They have commented the importance of our project and the activities developed.

Estudiantes de seis países reciben formación financiera con Edufinet

We would like to thanks “La Opinion de Malaga” Newspaper  for its attention.



C1 Educational Coaching-personal Dimension of entrepreneurship Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a practical Coaching Workshop in C1 Mobility as a Entrepreneurship and Collaboration tool.

This Workshop was imparted by Mr. Ignacio , Especialist Professor of the IES Playamar.


C1: Etwinning Workshop

The Erasmus teachers team and Erasmus Students has recived a practical Twinspaces Workshop in the Etweening Platform as a Entrepreneurship and collaboration tool.

Here it’s our Twinspaces  channel :