BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

Regional Fair of training firms, Bucharest, Romania

December 8, 2017

High school students from several cities of Romania came to our school on December 8, 2017 al the Regional Fair dedicated to Training firms.

They had experiences close to those in real l ife, and finally the best ones were rewarded.


BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

“Ideas that become reality”, Bucharest, Romania

4-8 December 2017

The week between 4-8 of december was, for our school, a week for extracurricural activities. This year’s theme – “Ideas that become reality” – was a theme that promoted entrepreneurship.

The activities were carried out on several themes:

The design of XXI century;

10 Romanian or universal brands ;

Creativity, talent in science, art or… in business;

Today’s and future entrepreneurs .

The students who are part of our project team were the most active in these activities.

Today’s and Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. “Business people don’t get born, they are made”

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BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

Școala Superioară Comercială “Nicolae Kretzulescu”, Bucharest, Romania


SSCNK is the first public economic school founded in Romania. More than 900 students attend the courses taught by 60 teachers specialized in different subjects according to the VET curricula for accountancy, commerce, tourism and administration, level F3. Since 2007, SSC NK has implemented the postsecondary school education within the COMINTER program for technician in international commerce, level +F3.
At local level, SSCNK has a good partnership with Teacher Training House, being authorized to host/give training courses, many of school teachers been trainers in these programs; with the School Inspectorate of Bucharest, being involved in monitoring the quality of VET education; with the Academy of Economic Studies, mentoring the pedagogical practice of the students; with enterprises which offer internship for its students.
At national and international level, SSCNK has collaborated with the National Centre for the Development of Professional and Technological Education for developing VET curricula and standards of evaluation within the LLP-TOI projects COMINTER and EURO-AST. In addition to these, SSCNK is a training center in the national network of economic secondary schools COMECOPART and in the international network NETINVET.

The first activities of the Romanian team:  logo, slogan and acronym.