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Entrepreneurship Didactic Units

These  entrepreneurship Didactic Units have been made as one of the final products of the Dtse Erasmus Project, which aims to develop the Social entrepreneurial culture among the students using innovative skills like Design Thinking. In our website: ,  you will find more information. 

In the first chapter we will discover the General Entrepreneurship Issues with general concepts, the importance of the enviroment of an enterprise and ideas like the myths of being a entrepreneur. 

The second chapter is dedicated to the Functions of the Entrepreneur, where we discuss important skills of an entrepreneur like organising, leadership and others. 

Third chapter is dedicated to help to do one important task which has to face every entrepreneur: creating a Business Plan by an Example. On this didactic unit, we follow the process to make a bussiness plan with an example  of a small business. 

Fouth chapter is dedicated to one of the most innovative techniques in the entrepreneurial world the The Canvas Model and all its sheets which helps you to start a business from scrach.

Fifth Chapter  is dedicated to one of the most important skills in this world, the capaticy of Planning & Management for Entrepreneurs.

Sixth Chapter is dedicated to the Investiment Skills, very important to manage the money that we can use to improve your business.

To sell  products and services is the blood and the soul of every single company, the seventh chapter speaks to us about the Marketing which is like an art that every entrepreneur must master. 

Human resources is an important part of the Entrepreneurship. These  Didactic Units are dedicated to begginers and in this chapter we give you the keys to make a successful Job Application Training.

Finally, In nineth place, we will study one recurrent problem that always have all those who decide this way of life : Get money for our business in the chapter  Sources of Financing for Companies.

The Patners who have collaborated in this Activity are IES Playamar, Torremolinos,Spain,  BGSZC from Budapest, Hungary ,BHAK/BHAS,Weiz Austria, ,IIS G.A. Pischedda, Bosa, Italy ,Mendelova SS Nový Jicin Czech Republic and SSC Nicolae Kretzulescu, Bucarest Romania.

The team of DTSE expects that all these Didactic Units will be useful for you. 

Images Disclaimer : All the images which appears in this didactic unit are taken from pixabay platform with the Pixabay Licence