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Erasmus Project DTSE in “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine.

One of our C1 activities in Spain, the Educational Financial workshop made by Unicaja educational service has been remarked in the Economy magazine “ECONOMíA DE HOY -. ”

Unicaja promueve la educación financiera entre estudiantes de seis países europeos | Formación | ECONOMíA DE HOY –

We would like to thanks “ECONOMíA DE HOY ” Magazine  for its attention.



C1 Cultural Visit to Commercial Area Muelle 1 in Malaga

After the visit to Pompidou Museum,  we visit one of the most commercial areas of Malaga, a place full of opportunities for entrepreneurshipment, and a suscesfull case of recovering an unused area, the Marina of Muelle 1 where Teachers and students Erasmus enjoyed the sunset.


C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise

C1 Visit to Ingenia Entreprise in the PTA made by the Erasmus students and teachers

We recibed a conference about the Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) and  the development of this Engeniering entreprise as a susccesfull Entrepreneurship Case. Presentation by Carlos Bentabol. Marketing Manager.

From this lines we’d  like to thanks the entreprise and  Carlos for  this activity and the lauch in the rooftop.

Panoramic View of the PTA from the Ingenia rooftop.