Rapper Shock G struggled with drug use in Tampa before his death, records show


Rapper Shock G struggled with drug use in Tampa before his death, records show

The legendary Gangsta’s Paradise rapper faced notable strife and success before he was reportedly discovered dead at 59 by a friend. But underneath the bravado were lacerating lyrics about depression and drug addiction. Despite having been arrested only once for marijuana possession, reggae star Bob Marley is perhaps even better known for his support of Rastafarianism and for being the king of cannabis. Rapper Snoop Dogg has been busted quite a few times for his marijuana possession and even just for reeking of it.

The song is primarily about the deadly pull of hard drugs, and the self loathing that accompanies abuse. In 2014 his mixtape “Acid Rap” gained mass exposure and has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. The talented and energetic young artist has given his music away for free since day one of his career, and he still does. Coolio checked himself into rehab for crack cocaine addiction to straighten himself out and even started working as a firefighter in Northern California, a biography reads. The same goes for fans, some of whom just like the delicious bleakness of a song like his “XO Tour Llif3” or Future’s “Mask Off.” But some others with mental illness may feel the pull of a truly harmful idea.

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Last week, 38-year-old Macklemore shared his experience with addiction in an essay for TODAY. In his own words, he details his first time consuming alcohol. At age 14, Macklemore snuck alcohol from his parent’s liquor cabinet which was located above his refrigerator. After having 1 shot of vodka, he began to wonder what it would feel like to take 2 shots.

  • The man was Gregory Edward Jacobs, also known as Shock G, an internationally-known hip hop artist and producer who founded the group Digital Underground.
  • The friend eventually went to check on him and found him on the floor.
  • RAPPER Coolio overcame intense battles with poverty and drug addiction during his inspiring rise to fame.
  • At age 14, Macklemore snuck alcohol from his parent’s liquor cabinet which was located above his refrigerator.

The news of his return to rehab came a few months after his release from prison in January 2019. After this stay in rehab, it seemed like DMX was finally on the right path to sobriety and working hard to be a better father, partner, and artist. Unfortunately, his long-standing battle with addiction came to a tragic end this year.

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However, upon releasing his fifth album, “Grand Champ” in 2003, DMX made a startling announcement that he would be soon retiring and “Grand Champ” would be his last album. We appreciate all of the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. Please respect our privacy https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/rappers-that-struggle-with-addiction/ as we grieve the loss of our brother, father, uncle, and the man the world knew as DMX. We aim to support the widest array of browsers and assistive technologies as possible, so our users can choose the best fitting tools for them, with as few limitations as possible.

‘Live fast, die young’ is just about the oldest sentiment in pop music. Everyone from pre-war blues acts to Kurt Cobain has toyed with the theme. Mensa’s “The Autobiography” was a landmark in this conversation last year. They’ve lost people, seen violence, been humiliated by society.

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Despite the best efforts of the medical team at White Plains Hospital, the American Music Award winner passed away a week later, on April 9. While DMX’s cause of death is ruled a massive heart attack, there is much speculation surrounding how the heart attack was induced. Many reports have stated that the hip-hop artist’s heart attack was a result of excessive drug abuse. Although it hasn’t been ruled out, a potential overdose has not been officially confirmed.

  • Connect with a licensed therapist for porn addiction and mental health counseling.
  • Two voicemail messages left for a hotel representative this week were not returned.
  • Now, even in his sobriety, Eminem finds that rapping about his addiction helps him process it mentally.
  • Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead faced multiple charges and arrests for drug possession over the course of three decades.

Talk to our recovery specialists today and learn about our integrated treatment programs. Natalie Cole’s 2000 autobiography revealed her lifelong struggle with drugs, specifically crack cocaine and heroin. Although she did enter rehab once, she was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2008 and also struggles with kidney disease. Marshall Mathers’ drug addiction wasn’t really a surprise, considering the regularity with which he rapped about Vicodin and all manner of legal and illegal substances.

When he moved from high school to a local community college, the Compton kid started to perform at rap contests where he gained some notoriety. “I had f—in’ 10 drug dealers at one time that I’m getting my s— from. Seventy-five to 80 Valiums a night, which is a lot.” August Brown covers pop music, the music industry and nightlife policy at the Los Angeles Times.

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