Fixed Deposit interest rate for senior citizens jumps again: How much should you invest in a bank?


Fixed Deposit interest rate for senior citizens jumps again: How much should you invest in a bank?


Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. It depends on the card and your requirement, there are a lot of features that are only available in premium credit cards and free credit cards generally have the basic features. You can also call the toll free numbers for booking a call with the agent taking care of credit cards. IDFC Bank has launched the FIRST Millennia Credit Card to provide cash backs on shopping and interest free credit for 48 days in India and internationally at the time of need. The card is completely free and has no annual or joining fee making it even more attractive.

Credit cards are often used as “credit builders” as a way to improve and enhance your borrowing habits. As you use your credit card properly, you will gradually be able to build your credit rating and prove that you are able to manage your loans and credits over a period of time. Payment of credit card bills in full within the due date every month increases your CIBIL score significantly. A good credit score can help you qualify you for a loan or a new credit card with a higher credit limit easily in the future. The maximum amount that can be charged on the credit card is known as the credit limit.

  • In addition, you can choose to pay off your purchase in equal monthly installments, avoiding paying a lump sum and depleting your bank account.
  • For making more deposits, customers can open multiple FD accounts in different banks to remain on the safer side.
  • This credit card is issued by the bank on behalf of an FD that a person has to start in Axis bank and the credit limit of this card is 80% of the amount of that FD.
  • The disadvantage is the fact that there is generally a lengthy wait relating to the sale plus the payment being deposited in the merchant’s account.
  • For any kind of loan you require, personal loans, gold loans, home loans, etc. having a good credit score is necessary.

Among major banks, SBI is offering up to 7.6% interest while HDFC Bank is offering up to 7.75% interest to senior citizens. Axis Bank is offering up to 7.95% interest while IDFC First Bank is offering up to 8.25% interest. On Friday, Suryodaya Small Finance Bank increased its FD rate to 9.6% on senior citizen deposits below Rs 2 crore for 5 years. Unity Small Finance Bank is also offering up to 9.5% FD interest to senior citizens and up to 9% for others on deposits below Rs 2 crore.

Following are the factors taken into consideration while grading these cards. The applicant needs to open an FD account with the bank to get this card. Card holders can get all the services provided for VISA Platinum cardholders, customers can also enjoy travel concierge services provided by VISA for travel related services.

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This is critical because it allows banks to view your active credit history based on card repayments and usage. To conclude, it can be clearly inferred that irrespective of all the credit card advantages and disadvantages, you should go for buying a credit card for yourself. Timely repayment of credit card bills help build a healthy financial status. One of the major credit card benefits is that its proper usage can actually help you build and maintain a line of credit.

The Rs 5 lakh limit is inclusive of interest as well as the principal amount. Banks are also required to give the money back to depositors within 90 days in case of bank failure. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners.


This can be disadvantageous for you because even if your initial default amount is small, the amount it finally leads to with the addition of interest may be a hefty sum. You can purchase high-end products and services using your credit card and repay with ease later. Some credit cards also allow you to convert big-ticket purchases into easy, manageable EMIs. After that, you can build your credit limit by shopping from any of your favourite retailers for any products and services. Credit card in the most simple terms offers you a loan of sorts or a line of credit whereas debit cards are directly linked to your bank account. The deduction of money in a debit card takes place from your bank account or existing funds.

Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards In India 2023

Credit card users in India in the recent past have increased multifold. According to PWC, the pace was increasing at a 20% compound annual growth in the last four years. “A credit card is a great method for all your monthly payments but may not be the best option for availing of emergency credit,” said Anil Pinapala, Founder & CEO, Vivifi India. Though it is uncommon, you may become a victim of credit card fraud. With technological advancements, it is possible to clone a card and gain access to confidential information, allowing another individual or entity to make purchases on your card. If you’re new to the world of credit, here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of credit cards.

What to know about using a credit card abroad Chase – Chase News & Stories

What to know about using a credit card abroad Chase.

Posted: Tue, 08 Nov 2022 16:08:57 GMT [source]

If used properly, one of the major credit card advantages is that it allows you to transfer funds from one account to another, even if they are not from the save credit card providers. Additionally, in certain cases, you may also avail the benefit of zero-percent introductory interest charges on balance transfer. However, in a few cases, you may also have to pay a fee for transferring the balance. Credit cards have revamped the way you purchase as they allow you to pay for goods and services conveniently, quickly and risk-free.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum Credit Card

As compared to other financial products, credit cards hold a lot more safety features. Unlike the old credit cards, the ones being issued in the recent times are secured with EMV chip, which eventually saves you from being prey to any frauds. Additionally, various banks and credit card issuing companies have introduced various security measures that ensure safety of transactions.

However, it is important to remember that a credit card is still a credit instrument, which means you have an obligation towards it. This includes paying your bills on time and maintaining a healthy credit utilisation ratio. Just like any other financial tool, a credit card can significantly strengthen your financial well-being. Here are a few advantages of a credit card and some of its important drawbacks.

Personal loans, mainly through repayments can affect your credit score. If you maintain your payments on time, you can boost your credit score. But, there are numerous other factors to be considered including payment history, existing debt, etc. ZestMoney is one of the best low CIBIL score personal app, as you can build your credit score by shopping with your partners and timely repayments.

You will then be asked to fill in the required details and upload various documents. Post this, you will be notified of the status of your application in a few days. For shoppers– Shopping credit cards allow you to shop at various partnered stores, whether online or offline. This card offers you various discounts in the form of cashback, discount vouchers, among many others. There are times when you need some extra funds than what you already have in your pockets.

But, one should be careful with this option as the interest charged on cash withdrawals can be on the slightly higher side. Here is a detailed coverage of the various credit card advantages and disadvantages and the different alternatives to traditional credit cards. Although there are plenty of security measures for online transactions, there is always a risk of being a Credit Card fraud victim.

If you wish to apply for one, here are a few credit card advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. Before understanding the credit card advantages and disadvantages it is crucial to have a solid foundation of what is a credit card and how does a credit card work. Credit Cards have many fees and taxes like late payment penalty, annual fees, processing fees, joining fees and renewal fees.

You do not have to set up special software or hardware, neither on the buyers’ side nor on the sellers’ side. The processing fee is incredibly low in comparison with other payment schemes on the internet. Even though credit cards are considered one of the safest financial tools, they may still be susceptible to online frauds. Fraudsters or thieves may also steal your credit card information and make improper use of the same.

Eligibility and documents criteria, you have to submit the necessary documents to complete the eKYC process post your credit limit gets activated. Most banks in India offer purchase protection when you sign up for their Credit Card programme. This would help you recover losses, in the event of loss, or theft of the card. He has more than a decade’s experience working with media and publishing companies to help them build expert-led content and establish editorial teams. At Forbes Advisor, he is determined to help readers declutter complex financial jargons and do his bit for India’s financial literacy. If the applicant is not very tech savvy then he can visit any branch of the bank offering the desired card.

Who should apply for a no annual fee credit card?

However, as you make purchases on your credit card, you must ensure that the borrowed amount is repaid within the stipulated time period in order to avoid any penalty. For additional discounts– Reward credit cards offer huge rewards on your spending. You can earn bonus points on every purchase and redeem them to avail discounts on your future purchases. A credit card offers you a line of credit that can be used to make necessary payments. However, this amount must be paid back to the bank on the due date as mutually agreed upon by the bank and the card holder. A credit card is a financial tool that helps individuals borrow money from a bank at the luxury of repaying the amount later.

Credit cards come with a certain limit called the ‘credit limit’ that is issued by the financial institution. The credit limit is assigned after deliberation and calculation of the individual’s credit history, credit score, income status, etc. If used well and if you are disciplined with your repayments, Credit Cards are the easiest and the efficient way to build your credit score and establish your creditworthiness. Based on yourCredit Card usage and repayment history, the banks approve or disapprove your loan applications. Many credit cards have additional fees, such as an annual credit card fee, foreign transaction fees, cash withdrawal fees, and so on.

This credit card is issued by the bank on behalf of an FD that a person has to start in Axis bank and the credit limit of this card is 80% of the amount of that FD. To get this card one is not required to give any kind of income proof as the bank already has a deposit with it. The minimum amount required to be deposited is 20 thousand and maximum 25 lakh. Since credit cards offer you credit to a huge extent, there may be instances where you make unnecessary purchases of the available limit and fall in debt trap later. Although not all credit card providers may have this option, many give you the facility of cash withdrawal with some interest charges. This is one of the highlighting merits of credit cards as access to cash is made possible with a line of credit.

Listed below are some of the credit card advantages and disadvantages of credit cards. We have also explained how you can overcome the disadvantages of credit cards and use them effectively. It is important to know that a credit card functions based on your credit limit. This limit is assigned to you by your card issuer based on your credit score and your financial profile, including your income.

You can apply for ZestMoney EMI in a simple and straightforward process with easy-to-execute steps. However, before investing, you should know that only up to Rs 5 lakh is guaranteed under the RBI’s Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation rules. This means, in case of a bank failure, your deposits of up to Rs 5 lakh in a bank would be secure. In case the person wants a new card on losing the old card or the old card becoming worn out there will be a charge. Following are the Axis EDGE Loyalty Points that a person gets on spending the following amount.

Some of the most common and valuable disadvantages of credit card in india card benefits include financial luxury and convenience. Additionally, they also help you maintain a healthy financial history, which eventually works in your favor as you apply for loans in the future. However, you must learn to use your credit card effectively from the beginning itself.

This limit is decided by the bank depending on your financial situation and your credit history. It is advisable to use cards which have a low foreign currency markup fee. There are credit cards which facilitate such transactions and have zero foreign currency markup fee. This card can improve your credit score as it is available even for those who have a very poor credit history, and use of the credit card can improve your credit score.

Additionally, if the fraudulent transaction is made by any third party, it becomes the cardholder’s responsibility to inform the bank within three days of occurrence of the transaction. You can choose to convert your billed amount into easy, affordable EMIs and pay the billed amount over a long period of time. This will avoid the burden of making a huge hole in your pocket as you pay your credit card bill. Typically, credit card interest rates are much higher than other forms of credit on an annual basis. This is especially evident when you default on payments, as some issuers charge you a high penal interest fee. This fee is added to your outstanding balance and grows as long as this balance remains unpaid.

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Is It a Good Idea to Link Your Credit Card to UPI?.

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