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C4 Welcome Meeting Session

C4 Welcome meeting & Presentation of the school.

As it was scheduled the program of the C4 Mobility started 20/01/2019 with the presentation of the school and the guests colleges from the other centers.

Also we recived the Presentation of the Meeting program .

Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

From this lines I would like to thanks to the romanian team the great job that they have realizated.


Startup MY Jewery Company (class 3.B) Junior achievement

The Startup MY Jewery Company  was established by the students’ group from the third grade of the study programme Business academy. First it was very difficult to find a product or service which they wanted to start running their business with. After long-term discussions they decided in making necklaces from minerals. Once they chose the product they easily created the name of the company and its logo. “MY” means “WE” in English and they want to show that they are a good team.

At the beginning they created the Canvas model for their company, focusing mainly on the product and marketing communication. As they are a small company they prefer to promote the products on the Instagram. They had to also think about the company structure and divide the positions.

They prepared one big campaign before Christmas and now they are dealing with a new one – for the Valentine’s day. They also take orders on their Instagram page, so if you are interested, have a look at my_jacz.

Andrea Rušarová Czech team


Startup Catch me Decoration Company JA (class 3.A)

The Startup “Catch me” CatchDreams Decoration Company was made by the students of class 3.A in colaboration with the JA Program.

The students have make a program

JA Czech Republic offers to secondary schools many programmes that last one school year or less according to possibilities of schools. The school pays a fee.

JA Student Company is a unique training programme for the Czech secondary schools. Our school is involved in this programme.

Our JA company is called Catch me. It is producing manufactury. First students decide what product they wanted to do, what name and logo their company will have, who the general manager of the company will be, what everyone’s role in the company will be.

Then they wrote Partnership agreement and formed 4 main departments: Marketing and PR department, Financial department, Production department and HR department.

They are producing dream catchers. They worked for 2 hours per week.

Working in the company gave big benefit to students – they became a better school team, they obtained new experience, they could try to start-up their own small business, they found easy and funny ways of learning new things. On the other side there are also some problems in the company – sometimes it isnecessary to work „overtime“ – it means after school schedule, there is the risk of financial loss, the selling of products is sometimes very difficult.

At the end of their one year business the students will decide how to divide the profit. They are going to give 10 percent of the profit to charity.

Monika Kubiszová
Czech team



Start-up: Intelligent irrigation System

Model Canvas:Intelligent irrigation System

One of the students of Each country which goes to C5 Romania must fills its part of this Collaborative canvas about Intelligent irrigation System

You can Download the canvas here :

canvas model-irrigation system




Presentation of the project in C5 Mobility Bucharest

By Alin & Jasmin



Start-up: Intelligent independent fire alarm

Bussines Model

Model Canvas:Intelligent independent fire alarm.

One of yhe students of Each country which goes to C5 Romania must fills its part of this Collaborative canvas about Intelligent independent fire alarm. 

You can Download the canvas here :

canvas model-fire control system

Implementation of the machine

This machine have been implemented using an arduino protoboard and tempererature sensors which connects with an mobile app made with app inventor


Presentation of the Project and the product in C5 Mobility Bucharest



International Congress of Financial Education Realities and Challenges

Mrs. Monika Kubiszová participated as a speaker in the International Congress of Financial Education Realities and Challenges in Malaga on the 22nd and 23rd November 2018. The Congress was organized by Edufinet Project. She participated in the 8th Session with the paper Financial Education in the Czech Republic and examples of good practice.