Monthly Archive March 2018

BySSC Nicolae Kretzulescu Romania

National Competition “Final Products of The Projects Financed by European Programs”

In March 27, 2018,  The Romanian team participated at the municipal stage of the National Competition of the final products of the projects financed by European programs “MADE FOR EUROPE”.

We prepared an exposition of the startups that are being developed in the DTSE project and The students presented our project and, although we are at the beginning of the project, the presentation was appreciated by the jury and participants at the event.



Exposition DigBizAward in Graz

In the context of DTSE Project many students are creating startups companies.

Our Students startup company EDGAR make an exposition was awarded by the DigBizAward in a ceremony in Graz in 21.3.2018

Our students of the 5th form presented their diploma thesis „EDGAR“, a software application for communities to organize their field work.


Planning Activity Budapest in April

Hi ¡¡¡¡ We are almost ready for the M2 where we will join in Budapest ¡¡¡

And we are very proud to send you the Activity Planning For Budapest meeting in April.

We are going to work in many activities together in a collaborative way so  it is important that everybody takes to the meeting  some work prepared , it’s explained in the the last page of the pdf document .



See you soon ¡¡¡¡




Activity Career Orientation Day

In the context of DTSE Project, BGSZC School prepared the conference – Exposition “CAREER ORIENTATION DAY” for their students.

We have developer our career day  where we have assesored our students in entrepreneurshipment and other laboral options.




Winner in Spanish Financial Olimpics

Our student Jacob Salama has been the Winner in The Spanish Financial Olimpics organized by the UMA ( University of Malaga).


3d Printing workshop

Alfonso Lobato and Juan  ,  Technology teachers of ies Playamar, had developed a 3d printing workshop for the DTSE Erasmus  Project Students.

In the practical workshop They have modeled and printed the new version of DTSE Keychain.





14.3. 2018 #YOUNGBUSINESSSCHOOL meets Pharmacy Weiz

Students oft he logistics branch oft he 4th form visited the Pharmacy Weiz to see their new logistics system live.


Input of the lecture Financial education for young people at the Mendel’s secondary school in Nový Jičín

The teachers and students of our school took part in the lecture “Financial education for young people” during the Erasmus+ project mobility, which was a part of the European project Social entrepreneurship in Spanish Torremolinos. The lecture was prepared by the company Edufinet and the participants were also given interesting study materials for the students of their home schools. The business teacher, Mrs Budínská, decided to use them and prepared the workshop for her s tudents on the topic financial education.


The students got five tasks (questions 1 ,2,3,4,5) and  worked in groups of four. First they discussed the vocabulary needed to fulfil the tasks, then they tried to solve the tasks according to their knowledge which they had gained in the business lessons so far. Finally they talked about the chosen answers and supported their opinions in front of the class. They could change their answers, if they were persuaded with the facts and arguments of other students. The supported slides were used to discuss about the questions. As following chart shows our students have quite good knowledge about the topic.

The students enjoyed the workshop because all the tasks were from every-day life and the pupils considered them to be useful for their future life.


1.3. 2018 SAP-Certificates

Students who took part in the SAP-Course got their certificate.